Join the Valuestrate® Way of Investing!

Valuestrate is a software that automates the investment process on the stock market: it selects potential investments, monitors portfolios and it warns from risk – all in an automated way!


The Valuestrate Investment Process

Some of the advantages are:

  • The Valuestrate software covers the entire US stock market (5400 stocks, 615 funds and 1550 ETFs per December 2013)
  • buy and sell in each market situation
  • combination of fundamental analysis and technical analysis
  • timing! get informed when it’s happening!
  • great investment ideas are difficult to find manually
  • trend detection based on exact rules
  • no maintenance for customers

 How Can Valuestrate® Help You?

Valuestrate lets you implement your individual investment strategy. In four steps your strategy is automated:

  1. Definition of an investment strategy
  2. The strategy is described by rules, trends, patterns and is parametrized. A set of built-in functions can be used and customer-specific ones are -if needed- developed.
  3. Customized Valuestrate is implemented and uses the central investments database.
  4. The software delivers investment ideas according to the defined strategy („search&find“), the candidates are evaluated („compare candidates“), favourites are analysed in-depth („analyse favorites“) and the portfolio is monitored („monitor portfolios“).
Valuestrate Overview of Investing process

Valuestrate Overview of Analysis Process